Learning To Die

When new evidence surfaces in her brother’s murder case, former undercover cop and Miami criminalist Kate James must come out of hiding to face her past, a handsome U.S. Marshal, and the truth.

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COMING SEPTEMBER 2014 from Desert Breeze Publishing

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Character Interviews
Being dead is hard.
Former Metropolitan police officer Kate James knows all about that. Ten years ago, while working undercover inside a drug cartel, she watched her brother, and fellow undercover cop, die. She thinks maybe she died with him, or might as well have. Vowing to testify when his killer was apprehended, she was secreted away into the Witness Security program and given a new identity courtesy of the U.S. Marshals. She’s alone now with no way to get back. It’s probably better that way. Everyone she loves—even God—leaves or is taken from her, usually through some fault of her own.
Now living in Miami and working to solve crimes as a criminalist, she is pulled to a crime scene which puts her face to face with her past.  Coupled with the car that has been tailing her for weeks, Kate is forced to consider the impossible—someone from her past has found her, and they are capable of all the evil she remembers.
U.S. Marshal Graham Shepherd isn’t the presence from her past she’s expecting.
Graham has tried for ten years to forget the girl who burst into the Washington D.C. police station, looking so desperate for something… something he felt surge within him. Kate James had looked like she had no hope. That’s about the only thing about her that hasn’t changed in the decade since he laid eyes on her. The woman he’s tasked with protecting is very different than the one he remembers—closed off, strong-willed, and convinced that if she doesn’t look out for herself, no one will.
With demons from her past chasing them at every turn, Kate and Graham face off against an unseen adversary intent on silencing Kate for good.
Will decade-old evidence point them in the right direction? Can Graham keep Kate alive long enough to discover the truth about her past and the key to her future?

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