Hiding her identity as an exiled princess isn’t Emilia Aurelius’s most terrible secret. Concealing her association with the Insurgos–the empire’s dangerous religious rebels–is. Determined to distance herself from her father, the King of Borealis, and the pagan religion that led to her mother’s death, Emilia has vowed never to return to royal courts. The Emperor of Atlas has other ideas.

On the heels of her mentor’s tragic death, Emilia is summoned to the Imperial Palace with a daunting mission–learn as much as she can about the Insurgo movement while trying to win the heart of the Crown Prince. Prince Ronan may be the answer to her prayers, if only she could let him know her heart. But in a royal court filled with cunning and intrigue, she must hide her faith to save her life. And how can an exiled princess who has never ruled and never loved expect to woo the prince and change a nation?

Finding the strength to save the Insurgos means a choice between the life she was born for and the one her God called her to. Both of which could mean death.





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Cade Blackwell never came home from the war, at least not the same version of himself everyone remembers. He’d like nothing more than to be that man again…to be normal, but with physical and mental scars, it may not be possible. At least he thinks he wants normalcy until he meets Alexandria Holst–cold, blunt, and an absolutely brilliant detective. What begins as nothing but a chance meeting soon rips him from civilian life and thrusts both of them into a murder investigation that has the police baffled and Alex thrilled at the prospect of the puzzle. He shouldn’t tempt death, not after nearly dying in Afghanistan, but he’s never felt more alive than when he’s running through the streets of Washington D.C. Sometimes toward danger, sometimes away from it, but always with her–a woman who both intrigues and frightens him. The shadows they chase may be nothing compared to the darkness in her head. Cade knows one thing for certain. If he’s a soldier, Alex Holst is definitely a warzone.






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A ghost running for her life…

Emily Fox died ten years ago, but she’s not dead enough for Endriago—head of the Colombian drug cartel who murdered her brother while she looked on.

A past she can’t escape…

Now living in Miami as criminalist Kate James and under the protection of the U.S. Marshals, Emily is explosively reunited with her past, propelling her headlong into a web of corruption.

A man who threatens everything…

Two men stand in her way—one threatens her heart, the other her life. Both underestimate her. Because in the race to solve her brother’s murder, she has nothing left to lose.